How do I pick up my account data and student ID?

Student accounts for newly enrolled students

Along with your student ID card, you will receive a student account, which you will use to access the IT services of the University (eCampus, campus computer login, Wi-Fi, student email, Stud.IP, etc). This account will also allow you to access important online-based teaching materials or courses and to stay informed about current events.

Process for students with existing APP-account or specific Master degrees

If you have already created an applicant account in the application portal of the University of Göttingen (APP-account) or are enrolled for a Master degree programme in the Faculties of Agricultural Science, Biology and Psychology, Social Sciences, the Medical Center, or the Faculty of Business and Economics you can generate your student account online.

You can use this existing access data to log in and (APP-surname for Bachelor,  XXX-20201-XXXX for Master) set the password for your regular student account at our pick-up portal. Please note, that this will work one time only. Therefore make sure to remember the password you set here and also note your new user name (e.g. name.surname).

You can also use this pick-up portal to take a photo of yourself for your student ID (using either a mobile phone camera or a computer webcam), which will be used later to create your chip card. Please note, that you cannot upload a preextisting picture but need to take one using the pick-up portal.

When the card is created by us, you will automatically receive an e-mail to your student mailbox (eCampus). There you will also find your password for the SUB library account in the attached documents. This is important for book lending and the use of electronic resources of the library.

Please follow this link to get to our pick-up portal:

Attention: If you have technical problems after logging in to the pick-up portal and are therefore unable to create your eCampus account, please follow the instructions below to apply by e-mail.

Process for students belonging to other groups

If you do not have access data for the above-mentioned portal (students of Dentistry and Human Medicine, International First-year Students Bachelor, Master of Chemistry, Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, Geosciences and Geography, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Theology as well as all doctoral students) you have to apply for access to the student account as well as your student ID by e-mail.

Please send an email to with a photo of yourself, as described in detail below. Please be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • First and last name, as stated on your official identity card (or passport)
  • Birthdate
  • student ID number, also known as matriculation number (Matrikelnummer)
  • Home mailing address, where the ID card can be sent securely
  • A digital portrait photo (3:4 portrait format, colour JPG, smaller than 1 MB, if possible, and with a monochromatic background, if possible).

The ID will be created after the email is sent and mailed by post to the address provided. Please note that this process may take some time, due to the increased demand and the current situation.