When are my O-days?

When are my O-days
The orientation days (abbreviation: O-days) are usually held before the courses begin. In order to take part, it is advisable to arrive in Göttingen ahead of time, since the O-days (German: „O-Phase“ short for „Orientierungsphase“) are something you should not on any account miss when starting into your first semester. Separate O-days are held for every subject, and they are mostly organised by students of that subject. They will provide you with first-hand information about your subject, the University and life in Göttingen. The fun side is certainly not neglected either, since meeting other first-semester students is just as much a part of the O-days as explaining the examination regulations.
The O-days normally take place one or two weeks prior to the lecture period („Vorlesungsbeginn“). Due to the pandemic the organisation of these events is going to be on short notice. Therefore we can’t present you all the concrete offers on this page. But whether in person, digitally or in hybrid events (i.e. partly digital and, as far as possible, partly in person): you can rest assured that our student groups, subjects and faculties are going to plan for an offer to help you arrive successfully at our University.